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evolve™ is the culmination of back to basics testing and challenging the practices of the last 50 years of the hydrogen generation industry, combined with new materials and new approaches.

Our Intentions

We intend to license our technology to whomever desires to commercialize it.
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Our Goals

We are configuring our new way to make hydrogen to make it aggressively competitive.

Hydrogen for less than $2.00 per kilogram. The Department of Energy is looking to award the group or individual that can prove hydrogen can be produced for less than $2.00 per kg. Why? The energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline works out to a kilogram of hydrogen. To offer hydrogen cheaper then petroleum would make hydrogen more appealing to consumers. The current ways to make hydrogen end up bringing the sales price between $8.00 - $12.00 per kg.

Our Vision

Our Origins

Searching for energy sources and seeing the safety and availability of water as a fuel, we started experimenting in water dis-association. We founded Gilman Industries, LLC on March 1, 2011, and began by researching many techniques. After experimenting with them, we discovered some flaws in the existing approaches of others. We then started to resolve this by studying new materials. In 2011 we became a client of the SBA/SBDC at SUNY Stony Brook.

Capitalism with Environmentalism

Our company seeks the balance point between capitalism and environmentalism. We realize that a beneficial global change can be financially rewarding, and that money can be a tool for great things. Our founders are of humble origins, raised with strong workplace ethics, and believe that our technology can lead the way to a better future.




What is evolve™?

evolve™ is an onsite hydrogen generator that converts ordinary tap water into fuel grade hydrogen. It will produce hydrogen for ½ to ¼ of the electricity of our competitors. It will be mass manufactured for an eighth of the cost of current units, and will outlive them by 10 times. evolve™ will produce the hydrogen onsite, which means no shipping costs and less gas storage requirements. With a scalable approach, we’re able to create custom configurations through 3D design and compression molding.


As technology for our polymer improves, evolve™ provides improved performance after each service session, and customers notice increasingly better performance over time.
 With evolve™, fewer service sessions are needed because evolve™ lasts 10 times longer than the standard MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly). 
evolve™ is cost-efficient, thanks to compression molding, with no precious metals and less assembly time.


Unfair Advantages;

evolve™ can produce hydrogen for a fraction of the electricity used by competitors.
With evolve™, you can now offer hydrogen in a far greater affordability range of customers, putting you at the forefront of the marketplace.


Current Status

We have successfully tested our single-chamber evolve™ at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Center for Future Energy Systems, where we became the first to achieve pure hydrogen from tap water; this has never been done before.

We have patent rights in 44 countries. We have 17 interested international companies, representing a wide variety of marketplaces from industrial and commercial to municipal and military sectors; all seeking hydrogen on demand.



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It’s time to evolve™.

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Brian Gilman, CEO Gilman Industries, LLC.





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